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I am a Greek-Cypriot artist who lives and works in Cyprus. My main themes are the human figure, the portrait and the abstract, with the main characteristic being the intense colors. I have participated in more than 32 group exhibitions, three of them in London , where my work ‘’A man’s Moment’’ was voted by the public one of the top 12 artworks at The Salon Des Refuses Summer Exhibition 2017 , two in Zurich at THE SWISSARTEXPO , two in Italy , one in Greece, more than 28 in Cyprus and in 2021 I participated with 3 artworks in the ARTEXPO NEW YORK . At the early years of my career i had my first solo exhibition. My works are in private collections in Cyprus and abroad, and i appeared in the Cyprus press and in several International magazines and websites.

I create art because it's an internal necessity and a way to communicate my worries for the world to the world and express my emotions. Between birth and death, we have the chance to leave something behind which will state our passing from this earth.
My paintings express my psychosynthesis at the time of creation, it's like I unlock my inner self to reveal all those emotions that occur at the present time.Before I start a new painting, I have a conversation with myself about what I want to tell to other people and usually I get my inspirations when I am in deep concentration, but also from images which have a strong meaning.

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